We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. ~ Ellie Wiesel

Adult Day Services Committee,

Co – Chairs – Steve Towler:  email:

Deborah Weston:  email:

Children Services Committee,

Co – Chairs – Nellie Velez:  email:

Rafael Vidal:  email:

Bronx Family Support Advisory Committee,

Chairperson –Tina Veale   email:   bxfsac@gmail    

Phone: 718-430-0722

 Vice-Chairperson –  Mike Ramos

Family Support Services Committee

Co- chairs: Mary Bonsignore-  email:

Nellie Velez:  email:

Health Services Committee,

Co Chairs – Joanne Siegel:  email:

Dorothy Stone.

Residential Services Committee

Chairperson –Yvonne Patrick

Medicaid Service Coordination Committee,

Chairperson – Monica Miroxian email: Monica.Sanabria@NBHN.NET

Social Action Committee,

Co – chairs: Mary Bonsignore-

Gina Martucci:  email:

Note: All Committees meet once monthly, then report to the Bronx Developmental Disabilities Council (BDDC), at its  monthly meeting. For a schedule of all committees and BDDC meetings, check out their respective pages and Calendar for meeting dates.

Website Committee

Chair – Chandra Chauhan –