Who we are

The Bronx Developmental Disabilities Council is an association of parents, advocates, consumers and professionals concerned with the needs of people with developmental disabilities who reside in the Bronx. Through our Executive Board, Standing Committees and Special Events, we provide a forum for the discussion of issues, provide information and support to families, and advocate for the social and economic issues that affect the quality of life of the people we serve.

The council acts in an advisory capacity to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, identifying unmet needs and reviewing service proposals. We provide representation to the InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies and work in cooperation with New York City's other four Borough Councils as well as other advocacy and planning groups.

People we represent

We are concerned about the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairments and learning disabilities. Whether people have mild, moderate or severe impairments, these are lifelong disabilities that affect people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and income levels.

Some individuals with developmental disabilities only require modest support and training while others require intensive clinical services and daily care and supervision for their personal needs and safety.

What you can do

We ask that you take the time to become familiar with the needs of persons with developmental disabilities who are served in your community .

We ask that you review and support the Bronx Developmental Disabilities Council’s positions on budgetary issues. Do not balance the budget at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens!

We invite you to become an active member of the Bronx DD Council by attending our special events (Legislative Breakfast, Family Support Fair, educational forums) or by joining one of our standing committees. For information on how to get involved call (718) 231-7711.

We ask that you become an advocate for the disabled. They are counting on you!


NOTE: The 2016 Family Support Guide and the 2016 Health Services Directory (under "Resources") are now available for downloading.

Message from Joanne Siegel,  President

Dear Council Members,

I want to thank all the Bronx DD Council Members for their support in the Legislative Breakfast. Everyone really did an outstanding job of making the morning's event run smoothly and being so successful. Thank you to Omayra Andino for the great videos (SEE YOU-TUBE VIDEO BELOW THIS MESSAGE), and hours of work. Peter Dolan and SDC for its help. Edie Weber and AHRC for its support. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came in so early and helped to set up the registration table.  Many thanks to Yvonne Patrick and her YAI team, and Phyllis Angelico for handling the unpaid registrants. Doris Lopez, Carmen Lopez and her SUS team.  Thank you also to SUS staff who helped out this morning and also did the badges and the SUS self-advocates who gave the pledge of allegiance. Many thanks to Daniel's Music Foundation.

Also apologies for leaving out Yvonne Patrick and  Mary St. Mark and the residential committee for leaving out the committee, my kudos. Thank you, both of you as co-chairs for all your hard work. Your membership is increasing and we need strong advocates to fight for residential and housing options.

Thank you to the presenters and to the DD Council officers and committee chairs! 

Thank you, Phyllis, we could not have done this without your support.

My apologies to anyone who I may have left out!!

Everyone, please enjoy the weekend. I do believe we are making some in-roads in our struggle to maintain services.

Remember Family Support Conference on May 18, 2017!

Most sincerely


Joanne F. Siegel, LCSW

President, Bronx DD Council







Time is getting close so please reserve your seat!  This is a good opportunity for families, MSC's, self-advocates and agency staff to support this effort to provide a living wage for Direct Support Staff  and join in the Tuesday, MARCH 28, 2017 Rally in Albany.

Please call to reserve your seat.  See below for contacts in the boroughs.

Direct Support Staff provide full and part time support to individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes.  These highly trained staff members perform mentally, emotionally and physically demanding work that requires sophisticated judgment and decision making. In many cases the health and well being of the people we serve rests entirely on their shoulders. These are far more that minimum wage jobs. Years of grossly inadequate funding makes it clear that it is time for Direct Support Professionals to make a living wage!

We will be leaving by bus at 7:00 AM on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 from Jacobi Medical Center - the Van Etten Building 1225 Morris Park Avenue. Return is anticipated to be about 7:00PM.

 If you plan on coming with us, YOU MUST RESERVE A SEAT ON THE BUS .  (SPACE IS LIMITED.)

Please bring sandwich and water and wear red and bring a photo of your child.  (Wear comfortable shoes) 





#bFair2DirectCare "Ring of Care" Rally

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 12Noon

State Capitol, War Room



Individuals with Disabilities, Family Members, Direct Support Professionals, Friends, Volunteers and other Advocates



Participants will gather at the NYS Capitol to create a "Ring Of Care" to urge the Governor to #bFair2DirectCare and join the Senate and the Assembly by including $45 million in the final budget that is due April 1st.   


All participants are asked to bring a photo or to carry a

#bFair2DirectCare sign (we will have these available). Photos could be:

  • Individuals with disabilities should bring a photo of their Direct Support Professional
  • Family members should bring a photo of their loved one with a disability
  • Direct Support Professionals should bring a photo of an individual with a disability they support

Participants, with their photo, will create a Ring of Care, stretching from the War Room outside the Governor's office, to the Assembly Chambers, to the Senate Chambers, and back to the War Room. 

Participants will hold a #bFair2DirectCare ribbon to create the Ring of Care.  The Ring of Care will remain in place for 30 minutes.  


A brief event will be held to thank legislators for their support, and call on the Governor to join us all to #bFair2DirectCare.


Participants are encouraged to wear read and/or blue which are the #bFair2DirectCare colors.   


#bFair2DirectCare signs and stickers will be available for participants.



We will gather in the War Room (2nd floor) of the NYS Capitol where we will hear from Direct Support Professionals, Self-Advocates and Family Members.  



March 28th, 12 Noon.  Due to parking and security check-in, participants should plan to arrive at 11:00 a.m.


#bFair2Direct Care Coalition:

Alliance of Long Island Agencies (ALIA)

Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP of NYS)

The Developmental Disability Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY)

Direct Support Professional Alliance of New York State (DSPANYS)

The InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies (IAC)

The NYS Association of Community Residential Agencies (NYSACRA)


New York State Rehabilitation Association (NYSRA)

Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS)


Facebook:   www.facebook.com/BFair2DirectCare

Twitter:      @Fair2DirectCare

Hashtag:     #bFair2DirectCare


Call the contact in your borough below and make sure to indicate whether or not you require bus transportation.


·         Bronx

o    Joanne Siegel


(718) 839-7166

·         Manhattan

o    Irene Fischer


o    Elly Rufer


·         Staten Island

o    Donna Long


o    Barbara Devaney


·         Queens

o   Pat Barrientos

212-244-5560 ext 2015



·         Brooklyn

o   Amy Bittinger